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aloe vera
An extraordinary desert plant containing hundreds of enzymes, mineral, and vitamins. 1
amino acids
units of protein derived from rice, wheat corn & soy. 5
A very fine textured, high starch powder made from a root vegetable. May be included in skin applications as a paste (assisting in drying pimples) or in body powder (replacing talc). 2
ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
Found naturally in fruits and green vegetables and is essential for normal metabolism, wound healing, and tissue repair. Ascorbic Acid is often used as a preservative and as an anti-oxidant to help prevent free radical damage in the skin. 2
ascorbyl palmitate
Salt of ascorbic acid used as a preservative and antioxidant in cosmetic creams. 2
natural emulsifier produced by bees. 1
caprylic /capric Triglyceride
various vegetable oils and plants are the sources of this ingredient with good emollient properties. 2
caprylic acid
plant derived amino acids. 5
candelilla wax
an extract from the candelilla plant used in lipsticks to add body. 1
canauba wax
a wax from the Brazilian palm tree leaves used to make products firmer. 1
Natural thickening agent.
castor oil
This soothing and lubricating ingredient is a colorless or light yellow oil extracted from the seeds of the castor-oil plant. A large plant native to tropical Africa and Asia, the castor-oil plant is also grown for its ornamental value. Used for its fine-quality lubricating properties, it can also act as a cathartic when taken internally. 2
A brilliant red dye derived from dried and pulverized adult female cochineal insects, a tropical American scale insect which feeds on a specific type of cacti. It is often used in the coloring of cosmetics, medicines, foods, etc. Some allergic reactions are possible. 2
cerimide 3
yeast derived. A blend of potent botanical humectants. 5
ceteareth 20
Vegetable derived fatty alcohol used as an emulsifier. 5
cetearyl Alcohol
A mixture of fatty alcohols derived from coconut oil consisting predominantly of cetyl and stearyl alcohols. Used as emollients, thickeners and emulsion stabilizers. 2
cetearyl glucoside
(corn derived) used as an emulsifier and moisturizer.
cetyl Alcohol
Derived form coconut oil or produced synthetically, no longer derived from cetaceans (whales), this wax-like substance helps emulsify oils into a water base and can also be used as an emollient. 2
citric acid
extract from citrus fruit used as a natural preservative. 1
cocoa butter
obtained from the cacao seeds used in moisturizers. 1
decyl glucoside
(vegetable based)- A surfactant (foaming agent) used for cleansing the skin and hair.
dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline
a botanical amino acid which rejuvenates the skin. It also assists in scavenging free radicals. 6
a plant which has beneficial properties including antiseptic, and similar to aloe. 1

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